2 days to shape your sales success!

30th April - 1st May & 15th - 16th October 2020

Running a business is hard isn’t it? Whether you are doing everything yourself or managing employees there are always challenges to overcome.

But is one of your challenges gaining new customers?

Do you have a great business but find gaining momentum difficult?

More than anything, with all those plates spinning, does it feel like no-one ever has time to work ON your business so that it can grow?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these then The Great Business Breakout can help!

What is the Great Business Breakout?

Two days in the beautiful Essex countryside designed to grow the sales and marketing confidence of small businesses who think big. Jacky and Rebecca create a fun and lively training environment with practical tools and exercises and a wealth of experience.

The Breakout is a safe learning space…

…where you are encouraged to reflect on the existing and explore the new in a respectful, confidential, honest and supportive environment.


…where problems are solved in a practical way using proven tools and techniques.


…full of lively, relatable discussions, creative thinking and most importantly FUN!