Who is it for?

For The Small Business Owner


Whether you work on your own or have a small team around you, if you want to develop your sales and marketing confidence and know-how then the Breakout is for you. Designed for small businesses who have a lot on their plate, everything we do at the Breakout is tailored to streamline your sales and marketing and put it at the heart of what you do. After all, a business without customers is not a business! If you think big and like to have fun in the process we think you’ll fit right in.

Aspiring Employees

Do you have someone in your team who goes the extra mile? Someone who is looking to improve and progress within your business? If so, the Breakout can help them and help you. Nurturing and developing enthusiastic employees is one of the most under-rated tools in a small business’ toolbox. As Richard Branson says “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to.” A valued employee is invaluable in business growth.