Step OUT of your business

to work ON your business!



  • Business values & goal setting

  • Who should you be marketing and selling to

  • How to speak to your customers effectively

  • Gaining brand traction online

  • Getting seen & heard offline



  • Mindset

  • Sales funnels & Follow-ups

  • How to have elegant sales conversation

  • Relationships, recommendations & referrals

  • Bringing together your sales & marketing plan

We're cramming lots into two days so you get the best from your experience but don't expect to be able to relax while you listen! We've designed The Great Business Breakout to be engaging, interesting and, above all, practical. You will leave with a deeper understanding of your business and a clear plan to grow. We can and will give you the tools you need but we can't do it for you, so there will be breakout sessions throughout the day and of course lots of coffee and delicious meals!

We'd love you to stay too!

What is the benefit of staying overnight? It is a chance to really move away from your business and everyday life. Step away from getting home and cooking dinner, looking after the family and putting the washing in. Focus on you and your business!

Not only that but we'll get to share a meal, swap ideas and you can ask any questions the day has thrown up. A chance to relax and learn from other great business owners - we've all taken our own paths and learnt many lessons along the way.